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SEMrush Rank Tracking Test Answers 2022

This course will teach you how to evaluate your ongoing SEO campaign by tracking your website’s online visibility, and analyzing Google’s SERPs with the help of SEMrush tools. After completing the course, you will have sufficient knowledge to take and pass the accompanying test and carry on studying the SEMrush SEO toolkit. This free test consists of 7 questions which will check your competence in SEMrush tools that help to track your website’s online visibility, and analyze Google’s SERPs. After passing the test, you will be awarded with an official certificate proving your expertise in these tools.

Rank Tracking Course Contents

Lesson 1. Rank Tracking
You will learn how to use Position Tracking, a tool that enables you to track your website’s daily ranking for a set of target keywords, comparing it to your competitors and finding new, even local, competitors. Know how you and your competitors are doing as you learn how to check keyword rankings in Google.

Lesson 2. SERP Weather
Google is known for quick, sweeping changes. You will find out how to stay informed of the latest Google updates and their effect on SERPs, so that you’ll be able to react quickly and adjust your SEO strategy accordingly.

Who is this course for?
If you want to learn how to evaluate your website performance from keyword ranking and visibility standpoints, saving time and effort with the SEMrush suite, take this course. You’ll be guided through all the necessary tools in a series of free video lessons.

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