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Competitor Analysis With SEMrush Exam Answers 2023

FREE online course, Competitor Analysis with SEMrush, Learn how to work out the perfect approach to competitive research by leveraging SEMrush’s toolkit from a veteran of the digital marketing industry, Navah Hopkins. Learned a lot from our Competitor Analysis Course? Test your competitive research skills in this free online exam, and, if successful, earn your certificate to prove and show off your knowledge.

Lesson 1. Intro to Competitive Analysis
You will find out what competitor research is, why it’s worth conducting, and how it can benefit your brand. You’ll then learn about the various applications of competitive analysis and get a brief overview of the SEMrush Competitive Research toolkit.

Lesson 2. Competitive Landscape and Market Trends
Navah will teach you how to find your most relevant and direct competitors, assess their strengths and vulnerabilities, how to build a plan based on their marketing choices, and how to understand your place in the market.

Lesson 3. Benchmarking
You will learn how to establish benchmarks for your brand based on your known and unknown competitors and how to interpret them – this will help you determine your brand’s success, failures, and plateau moments. You will also find out how to do bulk analysis as well as one-on-one competitor reviews.

Lesson 4. Analyzing Competitor Web Traffic and Online Strategies
You’ll find out how to define your competitors’ top-performing pages and how to borrow their best practices from their lessons learned. You’ll then learn how to audit their audiences and how to find the best channels to reach them.

Lesson 5. Auditing Competitor Strategies and Execution
You will get a high-level overview of the assessment of your competitors’ strategies and performance across organic search, paid search, social media, and PR.

Lesson 6. Who’s Competing With You?
You will learn how to determine your most direct competitors based on how closely aligned they are with your core brand, offerings, and messaging channels, as well as understand who’s competing with you in what channel.

Lesson 7. Reporting
Navah will show you how to use the SEMrush Competitive Research toolkit in your pitch decks, presentations, and reports, as well as how to manage your projects and auto-generated reports effectively.

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