Digital Marketing Certification Course Exam Questions & Answers (DMCCEQA)

Choose the wrong statement.

  1. It is important to have all sub-pages of a category being indexed
  2. Proper pagination is required for the overall good performance of a domain in search results
  3. rel=next and rel=prev attributes explain to Google which page in the chain comes next or appeared before it
  4. Pagination is extremely important in e-commerce and editorial websites

Correct Answer:

  • It is important to have all sub-pages of a category being indexed

Put your technical SEO skills to the test with this FREE Semrush certified exam, covering internal linking, crawling and indexation, log files and much, much more. SEMrush Technical SEO Certification Exam Answers

Technical SEO Exam: This free exam consists of 22 questions that will test your knowledge of Semrush Site Audit. After passing the exam, you will be awarded with an official certificate proving your expertise in this tool.

What will you be tested on?
Module 1
Internal Linking
What elements should you consider when internally linking webpages with each other

Module 2
Crawling and Indexation: Best Practices for Controlling Web Crawlers
How to properly control search crawlers and how to deal with crawl budgets.

Module 3
Advanced Crawling and Indexation
How to manage crawling and indexation.

Module 4
HTTP Response Codes
The parameters and arguments important for the file transfer via HTTP protocol.

Module 5
Log files
How to deal with log files, which contain a history of each and every access by a person or crawler to your website.

Module 6
International SEO
How to help search engines easily identify which countries you want to target and which languages you use for business.

Module 7
Web Performance
How to optimize your website performance and implement HTTPS and HTTP/2.

Module 8
Structured data, AMP, JavaScript SEO, and mobile-first indexing.

Technical SEO Exam – Semrush Academy

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