Digital Marketing Certification Course Exam Questions & Answers (DMCCEQA)

HubSpot Growth Driven Design Agency Certification Exam Answers

As You Build Larger Packages, Which Two Steps Of The Sprint Cycle Should You Increase The Majority Of Your Effort In?

  1. The plan and build steps
  2. The quarterly summit and build step
  3. The build and learn steps
  4. The plan and learn steps

Correct Answer:

  • The plan and build steps

Deliver better client results and accelerate your agency’s growth by offering Growth-Driven Design website retainer services to your clients. This five-lesson course will give you the knowledge, templates, and real-world examples you need to start packaging, selling, and servicing Growth-Driven Design with your clients. Note: You should complete the Growth-Driven Design Certification before starting this agency-specific course. If you have not, please start there. Introduction to agile web design and project management. Build and optimize a website with GDD methodology. Transform the way you work and attract more leads.

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