Digital Marketing Certification Course Exam Questions & Answers (DMCCEQA)

YouTube Creative Essentials Assessment Answers

According to Deloitte’s Digital Democracy Survey, approximately how many millennials and Gen Zers are bingeing content weekly.?

  1. 70%
  2. 10%
  3. 40%
  4. 25%

100% Correct Answer

  • 40%

Explore creative strategies for telling effective brand stories on YouTube. Hear what works and what doesn’t, directly from the experts. Analyze your videos to see if you captured your audience’s attention. Creative Advertising: Introducing YouTube creative essentials, Collect creative intelligence, Design unskippable ads, Tell your story in 6 seconds, Who's behind that screen?, Reinventing storytelling, Unskippable experiments, Retain and entertain, Putting it all together, Pass the Assessment and earn an Achievement: YouTube creative essentials assessment.

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