Digital Marketing Certification Course Exam Questions & Answers (DMCCEQA)

Google Shopping ads Certification Exam Answers

A brand company would like to use Shopping ads to promote a new line of basketball shoes. The agency is developing a product feed with all the required attributes for appeal. They are not sure how to structure the title, however. Which structure would you recommend?

  1. Brand (brand name) + Product Type (i.e., category) + Availability (e.g., in stock, out of stock)
  2. Brand (brand name) + Attributes (i.e., color, size) + Availability (e.g., in stock, out of stock)
  3. Brand (brand name) + Availability (i.e., in stock, out of stock) + Attributes (e.g., color, size)
  4. Brand (brand name) + Product Type (i.e., category) + Attributes (e.g., color, size)

Correct Answer:

  • Brand (brand name) + Product Type (i.e., category) + Attributes (e.g., color, size)

Attributes are the data points that describe a product. Accurately describing your items using the required and recommended attributes helps potential shoppers to more easily search for and find your items as well as get accurate information about your products (e.g., price, availability). It’s best practice to structure your title: Brand + Product Type + Attributes. Limit the title to fewer than 150 characters.

Chapter 5 – Identify the Right Shopping Campaign Type

Validate your proficiency with using and optimizing Shopping ads. Certified users will also demonstrate knowledge of how to create and optimize Shopping campaigns that maximize reach and conversions. By earning the Shopping ads Certification, Google recognizes your ability to: - Explain the basics of a growing retail business with Google - Explain how Shopping ads work - Articulate the importance of Policy in the Shopping Ads Ecosystem - Identify core components of Google Shopping policy - Describe how Merchant Center and a product feed support your shopping strategy - Choose the appropriate campaign type for your marketing objectives - Describe how Smart Shopping Campaigns work and their key benefits

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